Aerial Line Construction
Hy-lines Utility Services is rated “Best in  Class” when
it comes to aerial construction. That’s because we have
the right equipment  and  some  of the  top  line  crews
in the Midwest.   We  have proven  time and again that
we can  handle the most demanding aerial construction
projects in almost any type physical environment.  
duct, tear  out and/or retrofit  existing facilities, and  
when called  upon provide storm and  emergency
restoration services. Hy-Lines has the equipment to
handle subscriber drops or copper cable as large as
2400 pair. We have placed hundreds of miles of fiber
optic cable  and are experienced with all types of  
aerial fiber optic cable installations.
In addition to cable
installation our
crews set new and
replacement poles,
power rod and place
cable in underground
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