Hy Lines uses state  of  the  art  directional boring machines for precise boring opera-
tions. We can  bore  under  highways, rivers, or  under  a  golf  course  without disturb-
ing  the turf. Weather  it’s a large duct bank  for  cable distribution from a central office
or a single pipe for  electrical service  to  your  home Hy Lines has you covered.
Just like our line crews the men
on  our  underground  team are
complete professionals, compe-
tent in all aspects of underground
In addition to directional boring
we  are also equipped for con-
ventional trenching as well as,
most other forms of excavation
required  in the  course  of our
work. Since we are often work-
ing along roadways, we maintain an extensive inventory of signage for traffic management
and safety.Hy Lines is also fully equipped to work in and around manholes.This  includes
rodding, frame installation, pumping, coring, placement and removal.
Underground Construction
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